When it comes to clothing, there are two opposing philosophies. There is that of conformists, adopted by those who opt for classic colours such as white, black and grey, regardless of the nature of the garment worn. On the other hand, there is another category of people who dare to wear other colours and not at all classic.

The ideal is to have a wardrobe in which bright colours such as red, turquoise, white and black are intermingled, which are still a sure thing. Spring and summer are the best seasons to wear colours that give your look a certain freshness.

From animal or floral prints to urban chic to total jeans are among the most stylish looks. Faux fur or long, belted coats and checked patterns are popular, more fashion tips on mode-et-chaussures.fr.

The cosmetics and beauty products industry is not insensitive to the organic and green trend present in a plethora of other economic sectors. Indeed, manufacturers are responding in this sense to a demand from consumers who are increasingly concerned about the composition of the beauty products they use every day. Favouring organic and green products is their new credo.

This type of product is largely made up of natural ingredients such as plant extracts, organically grown fruit, etc. The green aspect can be seen in the packaging, for example, which is made from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

Available in cream or liquid form based on fruit seeds, seeds or even plant leaves…

With vanilla, coconut or argan oil, body lotion is a product widely used by women.

Chemical-free shampoos made in an artisanal way and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

It is a jean with a cut that hugs the body parts, highlighting some of them for a sexy look.

An essential item of clothing that can go with jeans or a skirt for a casual look.

Worn alone or with the other pieces of a suit, the white shirt remains a great classic.

A restaurant with your companion, the little black dress can be worn in different contexts.

While shopping remains one of the most popular activities for women, there is a shift in consumer habits, with the adoption of online shopping. You can visit Minerals Kingdom for online jewellery shopping.

Women love to try an item before they buy it. Therefore, in the absence of a fitting room, they expect an e-shop to provide a virtual fitting service. Some online stores offer this. Simply activate the camera on your smartphone or PC to have your picture in real time with the item being worn.

Being able to consult the opinions of other customers who have opted for an item they are considering ordering is another service expected from women in an e-shop. For them, this information is a good indicator of quality and a decision-making tool to validate the act of purchase. The presence of advice and videos showing the functionalities of a product is highly appreciated by consumers.


Used to relax, to soothe a pain, essential oils like sage and rosemary based oils are ideal for massages.

Plants with medicinal and relaxing virtues help to improve your well-being, such as black radish, rockweed, larch…

Within the framework of lithotherapy, certain stones such as pink quartz and blue calcite contain minerals that are supposed to bring well-being and soothing.

These two main trends stand out. Among them is the Russian volume by gluing a set of synthetic lashes on each natural lash. The other is the American volume with more lashes glued on.

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