Surely you thought the golden age of moccasins was over? And yet, classic retro shoes are becoming more and more fashionable in recent years. To be stylish and elegant, all you have to do is choose the moccasin model that suits you best. Curious to find out more?

What is a moccasin?

A moccasin is a shoe that originated with the Indian people 5,500 years ago. It is a timeless classic shoe that is quite low. A moccasin is often made of suede or leather. It has no heels. Practical and very easy to put on, it provides your feet with undeniable comfort. There are several types of moccasins in many colours. As they evolve, the return of moccasins presents more authentic details such as fringes, coloured topstitching and square heels. There are also many ways to wear a moccasin. All you have to do is choose a pair that suits your style.

What are the different types of moccasins?

There are three types of moccasins, namely the ethnic moccasin, the casual moccasin and the loafer moccasin. The ethnic moccasin is the one that has a rising shape with laces that is close to the Native American style. Made from suede calf leather, the return of ethnic moccasins is distinguished by its Aztec or Amerindian ethnic motifs, fringes and beads. The casual moccasin closely resembles the boat style. Thanks to its simplistic shape, it is ideal for walking. Moreover, it is supple and very light. This type of shoe is made of light leather or canvas and has a spiked or flat sole. The loafer moccasin, on the other hand, adapts very well to a dressy style of clothing thanks to its slightly raised square heel and rigid sole. It is generally made of thick leather with a very smooth grain. This gives it a shiny appearance in all its elegance.

How to choose your moccasins?

Before buying moccasins, you must first determine the type of visual you want to achieve. This will allow you to easily match your moccasins to the style you want. If you want a formal style, choose leather or suede moccasins. For a casual style, a pair with calfskin tassels may do the trick. You also need to take into account the season you're in. Choose moccasins that are comfortable for your feet. Measure your feet carefully, as it is possible to find different lengths for the same size. You should also opt for major brands to obtain quality items. Knowing that moccasins are timeless footwear, the return of moccasins is suitable for both adults and children.