Nowadays, when summer is approaching, the word vacancy comes up in the French mind. According to studies, the summer season is the most preferred season for most of the French population. As the weather is fine during this season, most French people gather on the beaches, in the countryside or in the mountains. With the constraints of everyday life, you need to spend a few days of vacation with family or friends. However, you will only be able to take holidays during the summer in order to take advantage of the warmth that this season offers you. As it is hot, however, you must dress appropriately for this situation. If you are a woman who likes dresses, don't worry, as you can check out the most popular summer dresses for women.

Turn to printed dresses

In terms of summer dresses, prints are among women's most favorite dresses. However, if you are interested in prints, you will have no difficulty getting dressed in summer, as prints are very trendy during this season. You can opt for the floral pattern to personalize your beautiful women's summer dress, moreover, this pattern has become indispensable in the fashion world. Flowers are timeless and are perfect to wear during the summer season. Apart from the floral pattern, many women also like to wear dresses with Caroll's Wax print, which is a very fashionable African fabric at the moment. If you choose this type of dress, you will be in a good mood throughout your summer holidays.

Why not opt for backless dresses?

According to research, backless dresses are also among women's favourite dresses. In the past, because of its elegance, open-back dresses were reserved for evening wear, but nowadays most women choose this type of dress for holiday dresses. As it is hot in summer, with its lightness, backless dresses are the most preferred by women during this season. To make you look beautiful, you can combine this beautiful dress with sunglasses and bracelets. Several models of backless summer dresses are available in major boutiques and stores.

And what about t-shirt dresses and blouse dresses?

Printed dresses and backless dresses are among women's most favourite summer dresses, but according to the ranking, t-shirt dresses and blouse dresses remain at the top of the list of women's most favourite dresses. Since summer is synonymous with warmth and humidity, t-shirt and blouse dresses are best suited for this occasion. You have a wide choice when choosing these types of dresses as the colours as well as the length can vary.