How to dress for summer: 9 Fashion tips

dress for summer

Are you ready for the summer? Well, it is fast approaching and gives you a perfect time to show the world how stylish you can be. Since it is a minimalistic fashion season, you need to know what to wear and what not to include. This article explores some great fashion tips to make your summer more meaningful and fashionable. Here are 9 fashion tips for Summer:

1. Get the Right Summer Colours

Summer is a hot season, and it gives you a chance to wear the brightest colours. Some colours retain heat (black and darker shades) while others repel it. Besides the brightness, the colours also open up your stylish eyes. Think of your skin tone as you choose the colours. IRO fashion brings you the brightest colours to select for your summer.

2. Find the Right Fabric for the Weather

On a hot and sweaty day, cotton feels more comfortable than polyester. As you select clothes for the summer season, you should go for lightweight and breathable fabrics that do not hold too tightly on your skin. Your go-to fabrics for the summer should be cotton and linen.

3. Make the Most from Shorts

How do you feel about exposing your legs? Summer loves skin. If you want to be comfortable and stylish, a pair of shorts can never go wrong. You can purchase at least five pairs with different colours and prints. Women clothes such as shorts pair well with neutral tops and shirts.

4. Loosen Your Outfit

Besides breathable fabrics, you should also find looser fit clothes. They will make you look more stylish and keep you cooler when the sun hits hard. Before you start purchasing everything in large size, remember that you only need some small space for air to flow.

5. Summer Sandals are Beautiful

Summer is the best season to flaunt your newly done pedicure and toenails. You can begin with getting slide sandals as they are comfortable and easy to slip on. Go for bold colours as they add more style to your summer outfit.

6. Explore Patterns and Prints

Summer comes right after winter. This gives lots of people a chance to get out and have fun together. There will be many events such as bridal showers, brunches, and weddings, among others. Try and spice up your summer outfits by wearing floral prints and geometric-patterned clothes.

7. Accessorise Your Look

Most people find wearing a watch in hot weather very stressful. Well, you can accessorise your summer look with a metal bracelet, canvas strap or a wrist accessory that you feel comfortable with. You should also choose simple earrings and necklaces that blend well with your outfits. As you select your women clothes and accessories, think of the colours so that you do not crash your look.

8. Get the Right Shirt

Shirts are essential outfits for the summer season. While there are many options to choose from, you should narrow down your selection and go for t-shirts, simple shirts, and neck-tees. In order to keep your shirts versatile with different options, you should mix neutral and brighter colours.

9. Have Fun with Your White Denim

Nothing looks as cool as your white denim during a hot day. You can quickly pair white denim trousers with a floral top or shirt. Don’t forget to bring your white sneakers for the ultimate win. Quickly pop into spring summer IRO collection and find your muse.


There is more summer style than just wearing shirts and shorts. Besides being comfortable in the hot weather, you also need to be stylish. You can visit IRO fashion official website and head straight to the ‘Spring Summer IRO collection’ category for the best clothes. It is a great time to flaunt your body stylishly.


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