Nail art has been in fashion for years. In spring and summer alike, the manicure always plays an important role in the spotlight, and never lacks creativity. Indeed, with a profusion of rhinestones, bright colours, glitter and nail art, we never get tired of the effect that manicure can bring to our nails.

Manicure trends of the season

Trendy manicure creations will give you more reasons to take your hands out of your pockets and reveal them in broad daylight during the summer. With a season like this, the only thing to worry about is finding the perfect outfit and making an appointment at a beauty salon to find the perfect manicure. In fact, it's a perfect opportunity to show off your hands and nails. You can easily find the trendy models, and find the rare pearl that will make an impression all season long. Book your wellness and beauty session, and don't hesitate to dare to do anything that lasts, to follow fashion to your fingertips.

Which colours to choose?

The question to ask yourself is, which colour of nail polish will hold the first place in the ranking during the summer. We often associate the spring-summer seasons, which are the ideal seasons to put a little color in his life, and especially on his nails. Precisely, how do you choose the perfect shades to get a trendy manicure during this period? Don't wait any longer to discover the best selections. You will certainly find a shade to your taste to beautify your nails and toes. Shades of purple and nude are the main colours on the program for this season. However, fuchsia pink, beige or white are also colours that should not be neglected, to bring out a wise and sophisticated look. As fashion changes every year, colours that are too fancy should be avoided.

Choosing a trendy manicure for the current year

For your trendy manicure of the year, you should be inspired by the shades seen in the season's magazines or on the summer catwalks. That way, you can more easily find your style and taste. For this year, the choice is between the French manicure, and the manicures of the 90's. Indeed, the 90's are experiencing a much awaited revival, and the French style is also revisited. However, the pinkish tones are rather at the rendezvous, with a hint of white, to give a very trendy look. This season's manicures are drawn from different sources of inspiration, colours and patterns, and you just have to go to the beauty salon to be trendy, right down to your fingertips.