Unless you live in an area so warm that you can spend the winter in sneakers and ballerinas, you'll probably need a pair of boots to protect your extremities from the elements. A symbol of the most sensual elegance, boots and ankle boots triumph in the winter footwear collection. However, whether it's for work, shopping, physical activity or weekend fun with friends, finding a pair that is both functional and comfortable can be a challenge. There is no right or wrong choice, find your pair of boots or booties based on what fits you best.

Tips for buying winter boots

Generally, you should choose between winter boots and boots depending on the activities and weather conditions in which these activities will take place. Characteristics to consider include the right height, materials, cuff and closure, outsoles and of course general comfort. Sturdy snow boots with thick insulation are best for freezing conditions and walking in deep snow. There are also lighter insulated boots or duck boots. These are often considered more fashionable than heavier, larger snow boots. Riding boots are the perfect balance between style and functionality. They also lengthen the legs and compliment everything from leggings, jeans, etc. On the other hand, waders are a true fashion statement and are the most dressy option in the world of boots. Boots and biker boots will accompany you throughout the winter season, but can also be worn in spring, summer and autumn.

Make your choice according to your figure

Each woman has her own physical characteristics and character that make her unique. Curved or thin, apple or pear shaped, with slender legs or thick calves? To each her own boot. The straight heel and round toe boot is ideal if you have normal legs, straight or not, but the slightly softer bust will give the silhouette the consistency you need and enhance your outfits. If your hips are a little wide and you want to slim down your figure, choose pointed boots with a stiletto heel. Your legs will rise in an instant and your figure will immediately be well proportioned. Are you slim and have long tapered legs? You're one of the few, if not the few, who can afford stretch boots. So do it, in addition to being super fashionable, these types of boots will also help you reshape your figure by improving your low-profile shapes. Being a curvy woman, as long as your boots and ankle boots have heels, any style will suit you. Even better if they are square, and have a fairly large and solid structure. You'll be amazed to know that if you have (or think you have) thick calves, these boots will fit you beautifully.

Why would you choose an ankle boot in winter?

Boots, as the name suggests, are any type of boot that stops just around or just above the ankle. These boots tend to have a short heel, making them a great option to wear at work or on more formal occasions. A classic, the boots are versatile and perfect for almost any season. You could have a handful of versions and always find another pair that does something a little different. Choosing a leather style in a neutral colour will complement most of the clothes in your wardrobe. However, if you're looking to add a little flair to your outfit, don't hesitate to experiment with bright colours, bold patterns and fabrics like velvet.