Published on : 01 June 20203 min reading time

Taking care of one’s beauty has always been part of the daily routine of most women. Taking care of the face, nails and hair are just a few examples. Manicure in particular requires following a few rules in order to get a perfect result. Several beauty salons are also available everywhere to make every woman as beautiful as possible at this time. Discover the essential steps to apply a varnish that lasts is therefore necessary.


Cleaning is the basis for a successful application of your nail polish. Wanting to apply your nail polish for a long-lasting hold necessarily starts with this step. All antiseptic solutions are suitable for this phase in particular: cleaning gel or soap. Don’t forget to dry your hands afterwards. Once this stage is over, you will then have to remove the varnish residues from your old manicures. To do this, you will have to carefully degrease the entire surface of your nails. To do so, use an alcohol-based product such as nail polish remover is more than enough for traditional nail polish. Women who have opted for semi-permanent nail polishes require the use of special acetone-based make-up remover discs and nail polish remover for an effective action. During this phase you should also file your nails carefully.

Apply a fixed base coat of nail polish

Applying your varnish for a long-lasting hold must go through various stages. The application of a base coat is one of the most important. This product in particular is transparent. Its role is to protect your nails from the pigments contained in your nail polish. In some cases, it can happen that the nails of some people turn yellow after several coats of nail polish. In the same order, choosing to put a fixed base coat of nail polish is also ideal for a uniform application. Once you choose to change color, you will also have no trouble removing your old nail polish.

A methodical application

Applying your varnish for a long-lasting hold requires some basic techniques. You should know that it is not essential to make several brush strokes on your nails. Usually, three strokes are more than enough. The movement must be uniform from top to bottom of your nails. Once the pose is finished. Put a layer of oil for cuticle can be essential to protect your nails from the shocks which it could undergo until your next application of varnish. For the same purpose, applying a top coat product is also essential to systematically revive the color of the nail polish you have chosen. In all cases, the most important thing is to be patient between the application of the base coat and the nail polish.


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