Blair Waldorf is one of the most admired stars in the Gossip Girl fetish series. With a pleasing and imposing style, she's a stylish fashion figure, yet simple and refined. The secret of her looks? The accessories she wears. So if you too have ever dreamed of recreating her style, here's how to do it.

The Headband for a Girly look

The first composition that does not go unnoticed in Blair Waldorf's style is the headband. It's an accessory that she never separates from! Found in different colours and materials, you have the choice to make the right choice while betting on bright and cheerful colours such as yellow or red, which are among her fetish colours. It is strongly advised to adopt it to get its look. In addition, it will help highlight the femininity in your Blair look.


Blair Waldorf's style doesn't have too much bling. She plays with discreet and classy jewellery, while being so stylish. This includes not too visible earrings, depending on the event, but also fine watches and bracelets. Find a similar type of jewellery on Another accessory that she matches perfectly with her clothes: the necklace. She likes to enhance her outfit by adorning her neck with a fashionable necklace, not bulky at all, but stylish. On this subject, her necklaces can be described as elegant accessories. And as you can see, this jewel adorns her with grace. Otherwise, a variation to the necklace is the scarf, which is worn according to the weather

Other infallible accessories

It is clearly certified that dressing in Blair Waldorf's style requires the little details that make the difference. Other accessories you need to add to your look are shoes and bags When it comes to bags, Blair's signature model is the backpack. Trendy and girly, it seems like a good way to show its innocence, but also its authenticity. However, as she grows up, she never separates herself from bags of various brands and shapes, which are practical at any time to hold all the girls' outfits. Speaking of shoes, Blair is mostly ballerinas and flat shoes with long socks. With her varied little dresses and her often "nude" make-up, she perfectly displays the model of the wise and so adorable young girl with her tights and ballerinas. In short, adopting Blair Waldorf's style means paying attention to detail. It is details and yet details that bring a lot of delicacy. To sum up: the headband, the necklace, the bags and last but not least: the shoes and the tights. Now that you have the right elements, it's up to you to become the Blair Waldorf you want.