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Getting dressed for work often requires a full dress code. There is nothing but a bad look to undermine your credibility in the workplace. Putting your style at the service of your career can be advantageous. On that note, you should know and apply a few tricks.

Finding the right outfit for work

To gain respect in the office, you still need to make a serious and professional impression. That said, you need the look of the job. Indeed, in certain positions, there is no room for errors of taste. The professional wardrobe has a few basic items that are indispensable for dressing for the office. Dark colours such as black or dark blue, as well as a white blouse are basic items in the professional field.  For women, the suit, pencil skirt and blouse should always be included in the wardrobe, especially if you are in a managerial or similar position. For men, wide trousers and a long-sleeved shirt are essential.

Mastering the essentials

No matter what your position and where you work, the way you dress always makes a difference in how you are perceived. You may appear lazy or careless if you don’t take care of your image. However, it is important to note that how you dress should depend on your career and not on trends. Choose items that help build your self-confidence, while remaining correct. A few basic rules should be followed to find the ideal outfit for dressing for the office. First of all, you must adjust your outfit, i.e. your clothes must have a good fit. This rigour then reveals your professionalism and zeal. However, don’t show off too much, especially for women. This can be vulgar in the workplace. Mini dresses, miniskirts or tops that are too tight should be avoided.

How can you adopt your style of clothing to your business?

In order to know which style to adopt to dress for the office and avoid fashion faux pas, you should observe the style of your entourage to get some ideas. You should then respect the house style imposed by the company, but this does not prevent you from showing a touch of personality in your clothes.  Your professional wardrobe should also be in keeping with the seasons. In the summer, opt for light fabrics to withstand the heat. Linen or cotton clothes will do the trick, as they are particularly effective against perspiration. However, in the winter, you should choose a style that will keep you warm and elegant at the same time. Choose wool and cashmere for your cardigans and sweaters. You can also bring silk scarves for the perfect classic and timeless style.

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