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Whatever your look of the day, wearing a hat helps to give it character. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right hat style if you have to go to a party.

Matching your hat with a short cocktail outfit

If the bride takes a closer look at her appearance on this big day, this is also true for the guests who will not be content to select a few special accessories beyond their dress. Indeed, if you have chosen to wear a cocktail dress, it is advisable to focus more on the accessories. Therefore, it is best to wear a hat. In this case, it is possible to opt for sisal hats which exist in many models and shapes. However, it is possible to combine your hat with your outfit by making a personalized order.

Match your retro outfit with a hat

You should attend a vintage wedding and you want to honor that request? To sublimate your outfit, it is best to wear a dress and accompany it with retro accessories. In such a case, the idea would be to associate your hat with your outfit and bet a little more on the bibi. In other words, it is better to opt for a small oval hat. This model is usually held in place by a headband. The bibi is also worn on the bias, which is a refined and retro wedding item that is specially adapted for the hair. This hat model is ideal for women who are not used to wearing small headgear. In addition, the bibi has a slightly discreet appearance compared to a hat that is used to reveal the whole head.

Wearing a hat with a country look

For her wedding, it is quite normal to match her wedding dress with many accessories. This allows you to sublimate your beautiful outfit. It is with this in mind that many people choose a wedding bouquet, jewellery, a veil and pretty shoes designed just for the occasion. To find a suitable jewellery for all occasions, visit this site.  You are invited to a wedding party that will take place in the countryside in the heart of a country wedding decor. Choose a fresh spring outfit to stay in style, but casual and elegant at the same time. If you’re looking for the perfect headwear to match a country style, wear the boater. This is a nice model of straw hat with a circular shape. In addition, the boater indicates a dance and bohemian style that fits well for this kind of reception. In any case, it is necessary to associate your hat with your outfit by combining materials or colors.

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