"Fashion passes, but style remains", this phrase is well known. Indeed, there are basic fashion pieces that are timeless and timeless. They are fashion benchmarks, because despite the new trends in the world of all-season fashion, they can be easily combined with any of them. These few lines offer you the top 5 of timeless fashion pieces.

The jeans and the white t-shirt

Jeans are indeed a timeless and very important piece of fashion in any wardrobe. You can always wear them, no matter when, no matter what season and no matter what style you want. At the office, for example, you can wear them with a jacket and a blouse. When you go shopping, you can wear it with sneakers and a t-shirt. With a plunging neckline top and pumps, it will be perfect for going to the restaurant. It is therefore more than important to choose your jeans carefully. Try to find the right fit that will make you look your best and also a fairly resistant fabric. They also need to be well cared for. Don't wash them too often and when you do, use cold water and turn them inside out. There is also the white t-shirt, this basic can be worn alone or under any sweater, cardigan, blouse, or jacket. This piece is more than timeless and unavoidable, it has followed all the trends for decades.

The perfecto and the white shirt

The perfecto is a must in a dressing room. It can follow all your desires and is very easy to wear. From rock style to glamour, you can wear it with jeans, shorts or a dress. It goes with absolutely everything and it is in many wardrobes whatever the style, age or material. Indeed, there are perfectos in materials other than leather. The white shirt is also one of the timeless pieces of the wardrobe to have absolutely. This piece is versatile, choose a simple model that can adapt to all trends.

The little black dress

It is the favorite piece of almost all women, it symbolizes class, grace and the eternal feminine. It's a timeless piece. Of course, fashions change from year to year, but if you choose a classic cut, your dress will last for many years. No matter what the occasion, it can save your life. It's best to choose a sleeveless dress that's no longer than knee length. You can wear it without moderation: with sneakers, rock boots or pumps. Its simplicity will give you a simple, fatal, glamorous, futuristic or sober character. It can be transformed according to the accessories.