French fashion is known all over the world for its very elegant style. One of the clothes that is always in fashion among the French, even for many years, is the sailor's garment called "la marinière". Discover, then, what is the French "marinière"? And why it remains timeless?

The French sailor dress

What is known today as "la marinière française", also known as striped knitwear, is a striped garment, often with long or short sleeves. With narrow horizontal stripes in two-tone blue and white. Made from a heavy fabric that does not wrinkle and lasts for many years. It was used by the French national navies in 1858, as the official working dress of crew members. Although of military origin, the French seaman's dress quickly became an important part of French fashion because 'in the early 1900's, French designer Coco Chanel made this men's work dress into a women's outfit. And then, used in 1978 by Jean-Paul-Gaultier for his first fashion show, this garment became the main element of his "Toy Boy" collection in 1983. And, until today, the sailor's dress has found its place in the world of French fashion and has even become one of the symbols of 'made in France' fashion.

From military outfit to fashion accessory

The French sailor is a garment that can be worn everywhere and adapts to all styles of fashion, whether rock, glamorous or romantic, it can be worn with almost everything, and for all occasions, day or night, summer or winter. It can also be worn with a midi or leather skirt, with raw denim that forms a simple, fashionable outfit, with the perfect uniform of the Parisienne. It is the kind of garment to put on without hesitation and that makes you want to wear it even every day.

The timeless striped knitwear

For some people, the sailor's slip is like a synonym for nostalgia, but not as much as that, because many people still wear it today and it is considered haute couture. It is famous for being comfortable, stylish and easy to wear and it is thanks to its characteristics that French women never get tired of striped knitwear. It will remain a timeless and timeless classic in the world of French fashion, and even around the world. And even if many French brands offer the marinière to their customers, it is like all haute couture clothes, that is to say, finding the perfect and classic marinière will take you some time.
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