Some people have difficulty falling asleep and their sleep is frequently disturbed. Sleep disturbances can cause drowsiness during the day or a feeling of tiredness when you wake up. Your body sends you a signal that something is not working properly. It is very difficult to maintain good cognitive functioning and a rhythmic lifestyle without good sleep hygiene. Here are some recommendations to increase your chances of a good night's sleep.

Finding sleep: a good lifestyle

There are many tips for a good night's sleep, but the first thing to consider is what you do during the day. So even if your community has become sedentary, it's very important to be physically active during the day, whether it's walking the bread or walking the dog, always look for a way to get moving. Also, remember to air out your mind as psychological fatigue is also the cause of insomnia in some people. A healthy lifestyle during the day is essential for a good night's sleep and sufficient sleep. Indeed, the hours before bedtime must be respected. So be careful not to eat too heavy meals before going to bed, as the digestive process monopolizes the body's resources. You often neglect sports during the day, however, physical activity releases hormones that keep you awake. Finally, it is strongly recommended that you make screens at least an hour before going to bed: whether it's a computer, TV or telephone, their negative effect on sleep has been proven.

Having a good night's sleep: the importance of having a good rhythm of life

It is very important not to disturb your biological clock as it plays a fundamental role in the regulation of sleep. Therefore; try, as much as possible, to get up and sleep at the agreed time. After a while, your body will understand better when you are supposed to sleep and insomnia will be less frequent. Above all, avoid overdoing it in the morning. They disrupt your internal clock, although they are certainly useful and pleasant once in a while. Moreover, some people think that excessive sleep does not help you to be more rested, but quite the opposite.

Sleeping well: the help of alternative medicine

You can also use alternative medicine if these tips for a good night's sleep are not enough. Phytotherapy and acupuncture are the most well-known medicines for this kind of problem, which use plants to help you sleep. These Chinese medicines target the organs of sleep to alleviate insomnia. They are practiced by professionals who will study your main symptoms.